1-8 DENTIST 09 Feature List

*FREE Virtual tour of your office

We come to your office, and create a virtual tour of your office with our specialized equipment. Virtual tour gives your patients a complete 360 degree view of your office, sitting area, and ambiance of your office, it enhances patient’s confidence and helps improve appointments.

*Note: Available only in select areas (currently in Los Angeles and Orange country CA)

Listing on Multiple Websites / Dentist Directories

Your practice/clinic’s and dentists’ detailed profiles will be listed on multiple dental directories each associated with text enabled unique memorable toll free vanity phone number. Verify your details (phone number and email etc.) get verified badge to gain trust with your patients. Get visibility on web.

FREE Complete CRM

Complete CRM with unlimited contacts with integrated text and email marketing on one platform.

Work Schedules/Calendars

Create your work schedule for each work day and even sync up your existing calendar.

Patient Appointment from Multiple Channels

  • • Patient calls: Patient calls to our memorable toll free numbers. These calls are forwarded to exclusive member dentist for that memorable toll free number in the requested zip code by patient. One dentist is allowed to be exclusive per Zip code per memorable toll free vanity number.
  • • Patient texts: Patients can text their 5 digit zip code to any of our text enabled memorable toll free numbers associated to dental directories. Patient has the choice to search, review and book appointment with dentist they prefer by clicking on the text link they receive as response to their 5 digit Zip code text.
  • • Multiple Dental Directories on Web: Multiple dental directories of web each associated with text enabled unique memorable toll free vanity phone number and Multi-site Appointments.
  • • Custom profile link: It can be sent out as auto responder text to your text keywords or can be shared on social media or emails for booking appointments for you.

Text keywords

You can also get your own text keywords to attract patients. When your patient text your text keyword to your licensed memorable toll free number, they will receive your message as text (this can be combination of text and link to your profile page with all your dentists listing and appointment booking options or offers etc.). Patients will be automatically added to your to your CRM and available for future SMS/Text and email marketing.

Automatic Reminders

System sends our automatic reminders to patients to reduce no shows.

Automatic Review Requests

After each appointment system sends our automatic review request to increase your brand and patient experience.

Offers, Deals, Promotions, Free Consultation Creation and distribution/promotion

Create offers, deals or promotions or free consultation and promote on your profile. You can also share with your patient contacts using in-built text or email marketing tools. Also associate these offers with text keywords and send out as autoresponders. You can also share the offers on social media.

Phone Verified Reviews

Not only from multiple dentist directory websites, you can also request reviews from your past and current patients and contacts with one click, and we will send out email and text requesting reviews on your behalf. The reviews would get phone verified badge if reviewer verifies their phone number. Verified reviews boost your credibility and future appointments.

Exclusive Local Phone Number

Exclusive text enabled and trackable local phone number. Patients can call or text on this local number. All calls to this number is forwarded to your designated number. All texts are visible in dashboard, you can communicate with your patient 1-on-1 (2-way texting) with your patient.

Call Forwarding

All calls requesting the target zip code on your licensed memorable toll free vanity number are forwarded to your designated number. The call can be forwarded to one or many phone numbers at the same time. All calls to your exclusive text enabled local number is forwarded to your designated number as well.

1-on-1 (2-way) Text

1-on-1 text (two way) messaging with your exclusive local phone number. Text messaging is one major tool to connect with and win customers, and keep them up to date on information they need, appointment reminders and so on.

Advanced Call Routing

All calls requesting the target zip code/s on your licensed memorable number can be routed to one or more phone numbers or dental offices, based on zip code the patient requested.

Match the Right Patients

System only allows the patients matching your profile parameters including insurances you cover, your specialties besides your available slots for such appointments.

Call Tracking

All calls forwarded to your designated forwarding number/s are tracked and even if the caller drops the call, you will have the caller’s number to communicate back.

SMS/Text Marketing

You get full featured SMS/Text marketing. You can personalize the text automatically when sending bulk text, send out offers/deals or profile link, you can schedule texts, create text templates, track texts, and rerun old text campaigns and much more.

Email Marketing

You get full featured email marketing, in which you can personalize the email, send out offers/deals or profile page link with appointment booking option. You can schedule emails, create email templates, and rerun old email campaigns and much more.

Contact Auto Capture

Our system automatically sends out a text with contact capture form and the contact information is added to your CRM under the designated group.

Auto responders

Text autoresponder with your offers, special messages, profile page, events, or anything of importance to your patients.

Automatic Scheduling

You can plan ahead and schedule your Text and email campaigns for any specific day and time in future and not worry about missing the opportunity. Scheduling Texts and emails ahead of time gives you flexibility and lets you take control of time to communicate with your patients/contacts.

Unlimited Patient contacts and Groups

Every unique phone number that called or texted you is added to your contact group. However you can upload your own contact list using csv format as provided. There is no limit on how many contacts you can have and use.

Call Tracking, Texts and Email Analytics

Robust dashboard with real time tracking on all the activity on phone calls, Texts and Email campaigns on your account. You have options to communicate directly with your contacts via 1-on-1 text or email with few clicks.

Voicemails to Email

Voicemails are available on call report. Your voicemail is also emailed to you.

Analytics and Reporting

Powerful analytics on activities that are yielding output in terms of response and patient appointments, reviews and ultimately increased revenue.

Integrated Social Media Broadcasting (add-on)

You can post your messages to twitter and Facebook directly from our platform, once you authorize your account

Add On services


Exclusive branding, white labeling for your group or practice with multiple location using branded, text enabled and trackable vanity phone number with call forwarding and advanced call routing.


Complete text and email marketing campaigns done for you.

Web Presence

Website design and development

Growth on web

SEO services, Content development, articles, videos


PPC design, deployment and management